www.installturbotax com Login : How do I install the TurboTax software for Windows?

www.installturbotax com Login : How do I install the TurboTax software for Windows?

To install the TurboTax download, simply double-click the downloaded file to launch the installer.


Before installing TurboTax on a PC, it’s best to close any open programs, including firewall and virus-protection programs (but don’t forget to turn them back on after installation is complete).

How do I download my software from TurboTax.com?

Once you’ve received an order confirmation for your purchase, follow these instructions to download your TurboTax software:

  1. Go to Access my downloads and sign in with the same user ID you used to purchase your software
  2. On Your TurboTax account, select the Downloads tab
  3. Select the version you want to download and save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it
    • If you need help finding your download, we have instructions for Windows and Mac
  4. Install your software by double-clicking the downloaded file

How do I find my TurboTax for Mac software download?

If you just downloaded TurboTax for Mac, look for the icon on your desktop.

You can also search for it by file name:

  • Search for m_turbotax
  • For TurboTax state program, search for m_[state] and replace [state] with the state’s name
    • Example: Search for m_ohio to find your TurboTax Ohio state download
    • For multi-word states, separate the words with an underscore (_). Example: search for m_new_york to find your TurboTax New York state download

How do I clear and start over in TurboTax Online?

As long as you haven’t submitted payment, deducted the TurboTax fee from your refund, or registered your product, you can erase your return and start from scratch in TurboTax Online. If you have done any of these things, you’ll need to manually edit your return.

Here’s how to clear and start over:

  1. Sign in to TurboTax and open or continue your return, if you haven’t already
  2. Select Tax Tools from the left menu, then Clear & Start Over
  3. Answer Yes to confirm

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How do I submit a claim

Use the form below to submit your claim. If you don’t know which guarantee you’re submitting a claim under, don’t worry. Answer the questions in the form as best as you can and we’ll figure out which guarantee you’re covered by.

Before you submit your claim, make sure that:

  • You received an assessment notice regarding a tax return that shows the penalties and/or interest you owe.
  • Your contact information is current.
  • You filed an amended return after we fixed the error, if we asked you to do so. (Don’t worry about this part if you didn’t receive these instructions from us.)
  • For the 100% Accurate Calculations Guarantee:
  • For the 100% Accurate, Expert Approved Guarantee:
    • You used TurboTax Live services.

Please submit your case for review within 60 days of the date on your penalty assessment notice, as we only reimburse the penalties and interest on the first notice received.

  • As this is a reimbursement, you might want to pay the penalties and interest on your penalty assessment notice first (this is not a requirement).
  • If your claim is approved, we’ll pay the penalties and interest incurred on the first notice you receive.
  • You’ll still be responsible for the tax you owe on the return.

You should also respond to the IRS or state tax agency (if they requested a response) as soon as possible, per your assessment notice.