Welcome Speech for Onam Celebration : Happy Onam 2021 Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages

Welcome Speech for Onam Celebration :

Hon’ble Guests, Respected Principal, Professors, Admin Staff and My Dear Friends – Warm Good Evening to all of you!


I warmly welcome everyone – outstanding guests, correspondents, teachers, and dear friends and parents of such great and talented children. Finally, the auspicious day has come; put an end to our inpatient anticipation and tireless preparations for this Onam.

I am a little surprised how a person like me, who loved every aspect of this stage, but so hesitant to come here and talk, now has the courage. With great pleasure and satisfaction, I stand here to give a welcome speech on our most expected Onam Celebration.

Secondly, I want to thank our respected Principal and Vice Principal for giving us their consent as well as the complete creative freedom. Last but not the least, our respected professors without whom we are incomplete. They support us in many ways unimaginable not only helping us with the ideas, but also with the execution of those ideas and giving us their necessary moral support.

Of course, that goes without saying that a lot of efforts went into preparing for this big day as the preparation cannot happen overnight. It requires careful observation of every single detail because the slight negligence can spoil the whole effort.

So let us all, as an audience appreciate the efforts of all the participants who have been working hard, day and night so that they can shine through in their performances. We have been extremely fortunate that there was a support from all the sides not only for the participants, but also to those working backstage. Support from our Principal, Professors, fellow mates and the admin department was also there throughout.

After a round of performances, there will also be the award giving ceremony where our college students who participated in the Onam Celebrations will be rewarded. So everyone get ready for some power-packed performances of our students and trust me you will not take your eyes off them.

Friends, this is all from my side, thank you all for being patient listeners. I will see you after this round of performances, till then enjoy the evening.


Caption for Onam Celebration in English

1. Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy, wealthy and Happy Onam to all malayalees in the World.

2. Wishing Amma & Achan a very Happy & Prosperous Onam. I hope next year we will all get together for more Onam.

3. Wishing you a Happy Onam to you and your family.

4. May the God bless you and fill your heart with joy & happiness. May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. Have the most beautiful Onam. Swantham

5. This time it will be more precious for me because this is my 1st onam with you. Happy Onam da Chakkare!!!!

6. On this festival occasion of Onam, I wish every one a very happy and Prosperous Onam.

7. The Onam is an occasion for people to remind themselves of the all pervasive nature of divine. I wish all your family members a happy Onam & Thiruonam.

8. May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere Whatever you do Whatever you think Whatever you hope in your life “Wish you a Happy Onam”

9. Wish you all a very happy, prosperous, colorful, healthy, wealthy and funfilled Onam!
Let this season brings you all lot of good luck, peace of mind, happiness and all that you wish!
Lots of Love, Hugs n Kisses,
Always yours,

10. By recollecting and preserving those old days of Thiruvonam Celebrations in our Village, We wish all malaya lees a very Happy Onam

11.”Forever remembering thoughts of happiness & prosperity to all with sweet onam days.” To all keralites wishing you a Happy Onam Day.

12. I wish u a very Happy Onam. May the good God bless u and fill ur heart with joy & happiness. Have the most beautiful Onam.

13. Let me wish you and your family on the auspicious day of ONAM. I dont know how popular it is among you since you are in the UK. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a better idea.
The Malyalee folks in Goa do celebrate it with great pomp and yeah it would be funny if I don’t mention about ONAM in our resort. Well, we have laid out the authentic Kerela vegetarian menu… hmmm.. I think I have to cut short here as I need to catch up with my busy schedule.
Warm Regards

14. Wish u both a very prosperous and Happy Onam..do send our greetings to all at home..hope ur getting together under one roof this Onam..Has the new house been furnished and when are u planning to move in?
We all are keeping fine..

15. The Onam celebration is an occasion for people to remind themselves of the all pervasive nature of the Divine.” Wishing all Family members & dear ones a Happy Onam!

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