Link Intime IPO Allotment Status Check Online

Link Intime IPO Allotment Status Check Online

You can check the Link Intime status of your IPOs directly via the IPO manager’s official website. You will be given a token or a unique identification key or application ID when you make the application. You need to remember that number. Also, you will need your PAN details to check.

When you enter these details, you will be shown one of the three possible outcomes: Allocated, Not allocated, Awaited.

Step to check the IPO Allotment Status Check Online

Investors, who had bid for the issue, can check the allotment status on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) website:

  1. Visit
  2. Under the issue type, click Equity
  3. Under the issue name, select IPO Name in the dropbox
  4. Write the application number
  5. Add the PAN card ID
  6. Click on ‘I am not a Robot’ and hit submit

IPO Allotment Status Check

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Your IPO allotment status will then be displayed either on your computer screen or smartphone display. If you have any concerns or queries about the allotment status, you can contact Link Intime India Private Ltd either by phone at +91-22-4918 6270 or send an email with all relevant details to Happy investing!

You can also check the share allotment status on the online portal of Link Intime India Private Limited (, the registrar to the issue.

The registrar is a Sebi-registered entity, qualified to act as such and which electronically processes all applications, and carries out the allotment process as per the prospectus.

The registrar is responsible for complying with the timelines for updating the electronic credit of shares to successful applicants, dispatch, and uploading of refunds, and attending to all investor-related queries after the issue is completed.

  1. Go to the web portal of Link Intime India Private Limited
  2. Select the IPO in dropbox whose name will be populated only if the allotment is finalised
  3. You may be required to select either one of the three modes: Application number, Client ID or PAN ID
  4. In application type, select between ASBA and non-ASBA
  5. Enter the details of the mode you selected in Step 2
  6. For security purposes, fill the captcha accurately
  7. Hit submit

The IPO status is an indication of the collective trust that the company manages to command in the stock market. In recent times, an IPO is a huge event that attracts significant media coverage and interest from both retail investors as well as large financial institutions that are looking to buck the latest trend. Once the allotment procedure is done, the shares are then listed on the exchange within days which then opens it up to trading.

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