When is the Next Nintendo Direct?

When is the Next Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo fans may have to wait a little longer than they thought for the next Nintendo Direct video. According to sources, it won’t happen this week.

A lot has happened in the last few days for gamers, thanks to a bunch of fun livestreams that showed sneak peeks of new games. There were a lot of exciting trailers and reveals at Summer Game Fest, the Xbox Games Showcase, and Ubisoft Forward, but Nintendo wasn’t really there.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa previously stated in May that the company’s June Direct, an annual event, will feature games set to launch for Switch in the second half of 2024. Despite rumours of a Switch 2 during the next livestream, he insisted that Nintendo will start revealing details regarding the console’s successor in the next nine months.

The video might be for an announcement on its own, but Innersloth has updated Nintendo Directs before, and the phrase “available now” make it sound like a shadow-drop that would be live during the demonstration. Although firms’ plans are subject to change, the fact that we have not to receive the Direct and that the month is nearly done makes June 18, or later that same week, seem like the most certain option.

After June 27th’s release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, Nintendo has a lot of space in its 2024 Switch schedule. The console is expected to be retired next year, so this will (hopefully) be its last victory lap before the debut of the Switch 2, which has been delayed despite reports to the contrary.

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Metroid Prime 4, which was announced at the beginning of the Switch’s life cycle, has yet to receive an update. There is a lot of potential content for announcements, what with Microsoft’s push towards multiplatform games, Square Enix’s desire to port its past exclusives, and Sony’s plan to bring Lego Horizon Adventure to the handheld hybrid.


I have no doubt that Nintendo is hard at work on a new Mario game, but I can’t see them announcing the announcement without talking about the features of the upcoming Switch 2, which is why they have decided not to mention it in this direct. Even though Mario is a big deal whenever a new console is announced, I don’t think they’ll use him as a trump card here. I could extend this to Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, but there are enough problems with both series to fill an entire article.

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In case you were wondering, yes, Legends Z & A will be available soon, and it was also the first official announcement of a Nintendo Switch successor platform. I can understand how they could have confused fans by showcasing the game’s setting without including much, if any, gameplay. Given how fast gameplay footage could expose details about the upcoming console, I highly doubt that they will unveil anything brand new at this Nintendo Direct at this point. This is really similar to the previous Mario game, but they have a major title on the horizon, so they can subtly build on that.

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