Fido Activate SIM : How do I activate my Fido SIM card?

Fido Activate SIM : How do I activate my Fido SIM card?

If you bought your phone from a Fido store or kiosk, you should get a new SIM card that’s already activated to put in your new phone. If the new SIM card was not activated, please follow the Activate SIM card steps below.


Note: Your contacts are normally saved on your actual phone and not on your SIM card. You’ll need to back up your old phone with your contacts in order to begin setting them up on your new phone. We don’t recommend that you set up your new phone until you have an active SIM card in it as you may have to set up your new phone all over again.

Buying online

If you bought your phone on, you’ll receive a new SIM card with your new device. You can activate your new SIM card by following the Activate SIM card steps below.

You‘ll need both your old AND new SIM card numbers. If you don’t have both, please visit a Fido store or kiosk with 2 valid pieces of identification. (a government issued ID and a photo ID)

  1. Turn off your phone(s).
  2. Put the new SIM card in the device of your choice. Note: SIM cards can be broken down to the proper size for your phone.
  3. If you’re not sure how to put the SIM card into your phone, check out our helpful Device Tutorials. Select the phone that you need help with under the Manufacturer category and then select your device.
  4. Sign in to your Fido My Account on
  5. Select the phone number for which you’re activating the SIM card. (Note: A SIM card that came with a device upgrade can only be used for that device’s phone number)
  6. Go to the Quick Links section and select Change my SIM card. Note: If you’re on on a mobile device, tap the arrow beside the number that you’d like to activate in order to see Quick Links.
  7. Enter the 20-digit old SIM card number starting with 89302 and then the 20-digit new SIM card number starting with 89302. (Please do not enter any spaces)
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Select Submit.
  10. Turn on your phone with the new SIM card. You’ll see signal bars to indicate that the SIM is activated successfully. Activate :

SIM cards for monthly accounts can only be activated on via MyAccount or in a Fido store. For prepaid accounts it can only be done in a store.

1. To do it on, sign-in to your account.

2. You’ll first be redirected to your Account’s Overview.

3. From there, click on Show all lines (if you have multiple lines)

4. Select your phone number from the list

5. Click on View Usage & Manage

6. Scroll down to Quick Actions

7. Click the link Update SIM Card.

Keep in mind that for a postpaid account, if you do not have the old SIM Card number then activation on will not work. You must pass by a store to activate your SIM card.

If you reported your phone as lost or stolen

If you changed your SIM card because you reported your phone as lost or stolen, you’ll need to log into Fido My Account and reactivate your service.

To reactivate service on a phone previously reported lost or stolen:

  1. Log into Fido My Account.
  2. Select the phone number you need to reactivate.
  3. Go down to the Quick Links Section and select Lost or Stolen Device.
  4. Select Reactivate my service.
  5. Restart your phone.

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