fetchtv.com.au/activate : Activate your Fetch TV box and Enter the Code for Smart TV

fetchtv.com.au/activate : Activate your Fetch TV box and Enter the Code for Smart TV

Fetch is an entertainment platform that makes it easy for you to get the entertainment you love, all in one place. It uses your internet connection and an advanced TV box to deliver channels, apps, shows and movies from the world’s biggest and best content providers to your TV, with one simple menu and one remote. It has intuitive menu navigation, and advanced features that make searching, browsing and watching content easy and enjoyable.


Fetch brings together all your Free-to-Air channels; over 50 Premium Channels from providers including ESPN, Viacom, National Geographic, Discovery, MTV, BBC, NBCU and more in packs starting at just $6 p/m each; access to your streaming apps including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Stan, Optus Sport, Hayu, Paramount+, Plex, iwonder, Acorn TV, BritBox, Eros Now, and YuppTV, all the free TV apps including ABC iview, SBS On Demand, 7 plus, 9Now and 10 Play; You Tube, and Pay-per-View UFC, plus all the latest shows and movies in the Fetch Store.

The Fetch 4K Mini box is currently available from our authorized retailers and Aussie Broadband customers. The Fetch Mighty (M616T and M681T) are both currently available from our authorized retailers, select ISP partners (check their websites for availability), and through the Fetch official online store


To add or remove a channel go to Menu > Manage > Subscriptions, highlight the pack you want to add or remove and press the green button on your remote to subscribe or unsubscribe.

If you unsubscribe from a pack, and have purchased a box from one of our Partner retailers, the channels will be available for you to view until the end of your current billing period for the pack.

If you unsubscribe from a pack, and have a Fetch box from one of our partner Internet Service Providers you will need to check with them if you will have access to the channels until the end of your billing cycle.

Activate your Fetch TV box

1) Turn on your gadget’s Fetch functionality.

2) You may activate your Fetch TV subscription by going to fetchtv.com.au/activate in your web browser.

3) To begin, select the Get Started button.

4) Please provide your Account information below.

5) Pick the Right Deal for You!

6) Please provide your billing details here.

7) Verify that all of the information is correct.

8) To activate Fetch, please enter your Fetch ID.

How much do channel packs cost?

Channel packs start at just $6 each per month, with no lock in contract. For more information, and to see the channels go here.

How do I get a Fetch account?

If you get Fetch from your internet or phone provider, they will set up your account and manage all billing and customer service for Fetch.

If you get your Fetch box from an authorised retailer you set up an account online with Fetch at fetch.com.au/activate To access your account you then go to fetch.com.au/account to log in.

How do I set up my Fetch box?

Fetch is a simply plug and play set up with 4 easy steps.

  1. Connect your Fetch box to your TV using HDMI cable
  2. Connect your Free-to-Air antenna to your Fetch box (if you want to watch FTA on Fetch)
  3. Plug the power cable into your wall socket
  4. Connect Fetch to the internet using wi-fi or Ethernet cable.
Image of remote control, highlighting voice search button.

Can I connect by WiFi?

Yes, the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty work on a wireless network. Older Fetch boxes require a direct ethernet connection.

The Fetch service needs a minimum broadband speed of 3Mbps per box, so your wireless network needs to be able to deliver that speed to where your Fetch box is located in your house.

Where do I get an Activation Code?

If you Fetch box is set up and working you can find your code at Menu > Manage > Settings > Device Info.

If you bought your box from a retailer and are trying to activate your box for the FIRST time, you need to go to fetch.com.au/activate to set up your account and get your Activation Code.

If you got your box from a retailer, and you have previously activated it, then Fetch would have sent you an email confirming your code when you signed up. If you don’t have access to this email then sign into Account with your email address and password to look up your code. For more help, choose Technical Help. Follow the troubleshooting steps in: Setup and Activation > I cannot activate my Fetch Box.

To add additional boxes to an existing Fetch retail account go to fetch.com.au/account to add the additional boxes to your account and receive your code. Choose ‘Add & Remove Fetch Box’ in ‘Account Settings’.

If you got your Fetch from a broadband or phone supplier they should have sent you an email, SMS or letter containing your Activation Code. This same code is to be used to activate subsequent boxes added to your account. If you have not received or if you no longer have this please contact your Fetch Service Provider for assistance.

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