6 June 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code Today : PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes, Free UC Redeem Code

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6 June 2021 PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today

Redeem codes have a limit and last only for a specific duration of time. Hence, players will have to use them as quickly as possible. Get the redeem codes for free emotes, pet, character voucher, popularity & many more.

PUBG MOBILE – Titans: Last Stand Redeem Codes:

  • BBKRZBZBF9 >> Code To Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
  • BAPPZBZXF5 >> Get UMP-45 Gun Skin
  • CHICKENIFTAR >> Mystery Reveler Set (1d)
  • BBKVZBZ6FW >> Get 2 Red Tea Popularity By This Redeem Code
  • BBKTZEZET3 >> PUBG Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit Redeem Code
  • EKJONARKJO >> PUBG Redeem Code For Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
  • BBVNZBZ4M9 >> Get Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity By Using This Redeem Code

PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem

PUBG Redeem Codes 6th June 2021

Redeem Code Rewards Period
HAPPYRAMADAN Jester Hero Set, Jester Hero Headgear 1d
RAMADANKAREEM Combat Driver Set 1d
HEALTH Jester Hero Set, Jester Hero Headgear 1d
HAPPINESS Underground Crew Set 1d
PEACE Piglet Set 1d
PUBGMOBILELOVEU Locking in Los Leones 3d
LOSTFREQPUBGM Lost Frequencies – Rise 60d
MRKHANPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
20180321 33 AG
R3HABPUBGM R3HAB Stars – Align 60d
DRPIKACHUPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
QADEERPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
SOLOKINGPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
KALFANPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
DUCKYPUBGM Bunny Dance, 200 BP, Casual Stroll Set 3d
Redeem Code Rewards Period
BUNNY GACHA Bowknot Parachute, 1 Lucky Coin 3d
HAPPYEASTER Rugged (Beige) – Kar98K 3d
PUBGM LOVES U Bowknot Parachute, 1 Lucky Coin 3d
PUBGM98K Rugged (Beige) – Kar98K 3d
PUBGM GROZA The Skulls – Groza 3d

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More Working Redeem Codes

• SD16Z66XHH — Get Free SCAR-L Gun Skin (Limited Time)

• MIDASBUY-COM — Free Rename Card

• DKJU9GTDSM — Silver Fragments

• DKJU5LMBPY — Silver Fragments

• UCBYSD600 — 600 UC redeem code

• EKJONARKJO — Unlimited M416 Gun Skins

• BBKTZEZET3 — Leo Set Legendary Outfit

• BBKVZBZ6FW — PUBG Cannon Popularity

• EKJONARKJO — M416 Gun Skins

• UCBYSD600 — 600 UC Redeem Code

• MIDASBUY — Free Namecard and Room Card

• BBKTZEZET3 — Legendary Outfit

• GOODMORNING — 2021 Fireworks Gift

• BBKRZBZBF9 — UMP-45 Gun Skin

• BAPPZBZXF5 — UMP-45 Gun Skin

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• RNUZBZ9QQ — New Legendary Outfit for Free

• 5FG10D33 — New Legendary Outfit for Free

• GPHZDBTFZM24U — UMP9 Gun Skin for Free 100% Working Code

• 5FG10D33 — Falcon & Get Free Emotes

• BBVNZBF4M9 — 2 Red Tea Popularity

• JJCZCDZ9U — get a free AKM skin

• RAAZBZJGS — get M416 orange skin

• KARZBZYTR — get the Kar98 Gun Skin

• S78FTU2XJ — get the M416 Gun Skin


• PGHZDBTFZM24U — free UMP 45 skin

A step-by-step guide to use PUBG Mobile redeem code

Players can follow the steps given below to use the PUBG Mobile redeem code:

Step 1:

Players should first head to the PUBG Mobile redemption center. The link to the website is provided below:

Website: Click here

Step 2:

Next, players must enter all their details, like their PUBG Mobile character ID, redemption code and verification code, in the text field.

Step 3:

They should then click on the redeem button. A dialog box will appear, prompting players to verify their details.

Step 4:

Players can click on the OK button to redeem the code successfully. Once this is done, the reward will be credited to their account. Players can collect the reward directly from the in-game mail section.

If a player encounters an error message stating, “Redemption Limit Reached,” it likely means that the code has expired and cannot be used any further. There is no possible way around this error. All players can do is wait for a new set of codes to be released.