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Just In time Manufacturing

Published on Apr 02, 2024


Just in Time manufacturing is a systems approach to developing and operating a manufacturing system. It is based on the total elimination of waste.


JIT is not a new concept. It has been part and parcel of the Japanese manufacturing industry adopted approach for quite some time. It requires that equipment, resources and labor are made available only in the amount required and at the time required to do the job. It is based on producing only the necessary units in the necessary quantities at the necessary time by bringing production rates exactly in line with market demand. In short, JIT means making what the market wants, when it wants it. JIT has been found to be so effective that it increases productivity, work performance and product quality, while saving costs.

The corporate commitment to developing the internal structures and the customer and supplier bases to support JIT manufacturing is the primary requirement for developing a viable JIT system. To be able to establish a JIT manufacturing system, every department should have some commitment to align with a common goal. This goal must also be supported by the company's top management in order to have resources and time allocated to developing the necessary systems and procedures.

A significant financial commitment is necessary during the early stages of development and implementation to change over to a JIT system. This system, however, needs to be methodically developed on a scale that is within the employer's means from both a financial and an applications standpoint. Ultimately, the operation of a JIT system will require the unwavering support and commitment of the entire company.


It is impossible to establish a new JIT system that can be used successfully without modification. Since each manufacturing process is different (e.g. in terms of Goals, Product requirements, Customer requirements etc.), it is up to the individual company to determine the degree of appropriateness and the final application of JIT. However, it is very important to define the plan and objectives before setting up a JIT manufacturing system.

Defining the Planning

Defining the planning process for a JIT manufacturing system requires an understanding of the objectives of JIT, and the goals and objectives of the JIT system. After the objectives are established for the manufacturing, the process of planning becomes one of determining what is required to meet those objectives.
The goal of a JIT approach is to develop a system that allows a manufacturer to have only the materials equipment and people on hand required to do the job. Achieving this goal requires six basic objectives:

-Integrating and optimizing every step of the manufacturing process

-Producing quality product

-Reducing manufacturing cost

-Producing product on demand

-Developing manufacturing flexibility

-Keeping commitments and links made between Customers and Suppliers

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