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Published on Apr 02, 2024


ISO 9000 is a set of universally understood and accepted quality business practices which, when well implemented, give customers confidence that suppliers can consistently meet their needs.


ISO 9000 standards provide guidelines on quality management and assurance.The focus of ISO 9000 is on the QMS of a supplier's engineering and production processes.ISO 9000 quality standards emphasize achieving customer satisfaction through prevention ofnon-conformance rather than through testing.It helps the organization in creating a sense of clarity in all of its operation in terms of why, what, when, where and how.It brings out a positive change in the work culture of the organization.Productivity can be increased through the change in work culture.It provides the organization to reduce the quality cost and thus enhances profit.It helps the organization in developing a dynamic quality system which is a step towards TQM.


ISO is important as because of the following cases.

--European Union directive

--Globalization impact

To give customers confidence in the ability of suppliers to meet their needs, resulting in satisfied customers, and growing and prosperous suppliers.

Why adopt ISO 9000?

-To comply with customers who require ISO 9000

-To sell in the European Union market

-To compete in domestic markets

-To improve the quality system

-To minimize repetitive auditing by similar and different customers

-To improve subcontractors’ performance

There are basically eight quality princples of ISO 9000.They are


2.Involvement of staff

3.Process approach

4.System approach management

5.Continual improvement

6.Factual and documented approach to decision making

7.Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

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