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Published on Apr 02, 2024


Palladium is the codename for an evolutionary set of features for Microsoft Windows operating system. When compared with a new breed of hardware and applications, these features will give individuals and group of users greater data security, personnel privacy and system integrity.

Palladium provides a solid basis for trust to perform more and more important financial, legal and other transactions: a foundation on which privacy-and security-service software can be built. The hardware part is based on Intel's "Trusted Computing Platform Alliance"(TCPA), which provides for a monitoring and reporting component to be mounted in PC.

TCPA /Palladium provides a platform on which one can't tamper with the applications, and where these applications can communicate securely with the vendor.In June 2002, Microsoft released information regarding its new "Palladium" initiative. Palladium is a system that combines software and hardware controls to create a "trusted" computing platform. In doing so, it would establish an unprecedented level of control over users and their computers.

Palladium could place Microsoft as the gatekeeper of identification and authentication. Additionally, systems embedded in both software and hardware would control access to content, thereby creating ubiquitous schemes that can track users and control use of media. Microsoft expects to have elements of the system in place by 2004.

Known Elements of the Palladium System are:-

a).The system purports to stop viruses by preventing the running of malicious programs.

b).The system will store personal data within an encrypted folder.

c).The system will depend on hardware that has either a digital signature or a tracking number.

d).The system will filter spam.

e).The system has a personal information sharing agent called "My Man."

f).The system will incorporate Digital Rights Management technologies for media files of all types (music, documents, e-mail communications). Additionally, the system purports to transmit data within the computer via encrypted paths.

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