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Waltonchain Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


Waltonchain is the only truly decentralized platform combining blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) via RFID technology. Their unique, patented RFID chips are able to read/write directly to the blockchain without human intervention, creating a genuine, trustworthy, and traceable business ecosystem, with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency.

Value Internet of Things (VIoT) constructs a perfect commercial ecosystem via the integration of the real world and the blockchain.Ushering human beings into the reliable digital life.Waltonchain unfolds the new era of Value Internet of Things (VIoT)

Market Value and Rank

Waltonchain Features

1. Any child chain creation needs to expend Walton Coins (WTC). As the Walton ecosystem continues to grow, an increasing number of businesses will be joining the ecosystem, as a result of which they will expend a growing amount of WTC to create all kinds of child chains. Thus, the demands for WTC will rise correspondingly.

2. WTC is the only token of the parent chain in the entire business ecosystem. Any cross-child-chain ata transmission and asset exchange will expend WTC. Once the ecosystem has been in place, the demands from the businesses for WTC will keep expanding.

3. The allocation mechanism of the transaction fees (such as A coins and B coins ) expended in the important officially-released child chains will be adjusted in an innovative manner, such as those in the transaction child chain or the sales child chain which will be used in the high-frequency circulation. Most of the transaction fees (say 90%) will be allocated to the wallets of child chain book-keeping nodes, while a small proportion (say 10%) will be exchanged to WTC and allocated to the wallets of parent chain book-keeping nodes.

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