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Reddcoin Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


Reddcoin is the social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public. Reddcoin achieves this by integrating a digital currency platform seamlessly with all major social networks to make the process of sending and receiving money fun and rewarding for everyone.



Reddcoin Proof of Stake Velocity is an innovative algorithm that encourages both ownership (Stake) and activity (Velocity). PoSV solves issues in traditional PoW & PoS algorithms and eliminate wasteful consumption of electricity for mining.

Market Value and Rank

Reddcoin Features

Tip Platform

Reddcoin decentralized Tip Platform allows people to seamlessly send & receive digital currency on Social Networks to anyone in the world & to support content creators through micro-donations.


Reddcoin Redd-ID is a unique service provided at the blockchain level which allows a user to associate a username with rich information including public keys and social network identities.


Reddcoin ReddWallet is a State-of-the-art wallet that provides various social features to increase engagement among users which improves security of the decentralized network.

How Does ReddCoin (RDD) Work?

ReddCoin is a digital peer to peer cryptocurrency like most others, but more unique than most others. ReddCoin was established to improve the lives of social media users. This platform was created to be a means of payment and funds transfer via social media.

ReddCoin was developed to work on all social media platforms. With ReddCoin, people who run business on their social media accounts can now transfer and receive funds using which ever social media they so desire.

How Does Minting with ReddCoin (RDD) Work?

Another remarkable difference between ReddCoin and most other cryptocurrencies is the fact that coins on this platform are minted and not mined. For minting of ReddCoin all you need is an unlocked wallet with RDD coins in it.

When a wallet is active and online, the minting process starts. ReddCoin minting eliminates the cost of coin mining, increases the speed of mining and the need for large computers dedicated for mining of coin. With ReddCoin, every wallet can mint coins.

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