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EOS Price Chart and Latest News

Published on Feb 21, 2020


EOS tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “EOS Tokens”). The founders tokens represent 10% of the aggregate EOS Token and are currently held in Smart Contracts. The ICO is divided into two phases, period 1 offers 20% of total supply and period 2 offers 70% to investors, Phase 2 is split into 350 consecutive 23 hours periods, selling 2 mln EOS tokens each period.. 10% is held by the team in smart contracts.

The current EOS.IO roadmap includes single-threaded testing environment ready for December, followed by multi-threaded development taking place in 2018. Overcoming this roadmap goes on very active and successful so far - in particular, the team shared some news about the work on the parallel execution engine has begun eight months ahead of schedule and, according to their plans, it will be ready by June 2018. “The work required to make this happen includes a complete rewrite of chainbase, the underlying database technology behind Steem,” - explained the company.

From their side EOS is preparing a pretty versatile - and pretty reach - program. Thus, in the morning of the first BlockShow Asia day, the guests will hear insight from its senior analyst, Joshua Lavin. On the second conference day, you will hear from Brock Pierce, partner at and one of the most recognized personalities in the Crypto/Blockchain field. In his opening keynote, he will share his thoughts on cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Conscious Culture. Moreover, apart from these two full speeches, Pierce will also step up as a panelist for “Blockchain & the Token Economy” discussion on the second day of BlockShow.

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How to buy EOS

Using the form above enter the amount of EOS you want to buy or the amount of Australian dollars you want to spend and click on 'Buy Now' to complete the payment. The payment is easily completed online in minutes by POLi Payments a business from Australia Post and after payment is complete the coins will be sent to your CoinSpot online wallet immediately.

If you don't have your own wallet you can sign up for a free account using the 'Register' button at the top of the page to create a free online EOS wallet. You can withdraw your EOS from the online wallet at any time.

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