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Web Project Software


A key advantage of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds is providing users on-demand access to resources. However, to provide on-demand access, cloud providers must either significantly overprovision their infrastructure (and pay a high price for operating resources with low utilization) or reject a large proportion of user requests (in which case the access .....>>>>Read More


Information Content-Based Sensor Selection

For target tracking applications, wireless sensor nodes provide accurate information since they can be deployed and operated near the phenomenon. These sensing devices have the opportunity of collaboration among themselves to improve the target localization and tracking accuracies. An energy-efficient collaborative target tracking paradigm is developed for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In addition, a novel approach to energy ......>>>>Read More


Information Portal

Information Portal is a private domain web portal, which is being developed for a private university. The portal acts as a information kiosk for students. The portal acts as a bridge of communication between the students and the administration. The application helps in improving the communication standards between the different domains existing in the organization. The overall advantage of the system is empowered by decreasing ......>>>>Read More



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