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Published on Sep 03, 2020


A telescope is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote objects by collecting visible light. A Telescope is a type of optical telescope that uses 2 lenses. The larger lens is place on one end and the smaller lens at the other end. The objective collects light and focuses it as a sharp image.

I did this project because I’m interested to know the basic principles of the telescope. The basic principle of the telescope is all about Optics. It is used to gather and more importantly, focus light mainly from the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum for directly viewing a magnified image for making a photograph, or collecting data through image sensors.


2 Lenses

Plastic Tube or Paper Tube

Glue gun

Masking tape

Procedure :

1. Prepare all the needed materials.

2. Make sure that you test your lens on how far can it focus an image. So that you will know how long and wide will your plastic tube is.

3. Get your first lens and place it inside (1 inch) in the first end of the plastic tube.

4. Make sure it is placed properly and tape it into position with your masking tape.

5. Once it is properly taped, use a glue gun to stick the lens to the first end.

6. Do the same with the second lens to the other end of your plastic or paper tube.

7. There you have it! You can enjoy playing with your telescope.

8. Optional: If you don’t like the color of the plastic or paper tube, you can paint it with your desired color. Be creative and have fun.

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