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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main concept in this type of the project is that we only need to place the mobile stand on the steering which is the nearest part of the vehicle to the driver's face at the time of the driving, so that user can easily receive the call on loudspeaker mode and without lifting the phone one can easily answer to the call.

But along with that there are many problems in designing this type of stand, such as steering wheel is the rotating part and because of this mobile may get collapsed, also charging the mobile in this type of mobile stand is not that much of easy part. So we must consider this type of factors under consideration at the time of the design. So that along with the user's safety cell phones safety is also achieve.

Steering is the nearest part of the vehicle to the face and also it is exactly in front of the face of the driver, so because of this whenever driver enters in the vehicle he directly see the mobile phone holder on the steering and because of this he never forgot to take out mobile phone from his pocket and along with that because of very nearness of the holder it is easily accessible for the driver also

As mobile phone holder is mounted on the steering it is very useful for the user, because user can easily receive the call and along with that by only shifting that call on the loudspeaker mode one can easily talk on the phone without holding it in the hand. And because of this both hands of the user are free for normal driving.

This concept also overcomes the drawback of the normal mode of the mobile as well as drawback of the headphone. In normal mode there are many drawbacks at the time of driving like it engages our one hand. And along with that it partially diverts the mind of the driver.

Similarly, if we use head phone then most of the time user unable to see the incoming call window, it means many of the time when user uses the headphone, he kept his mobile either in the pocket or on the mobile phone holder which is mounting on the dashboard. Also when user uses the headphone, his almost ¾ of mind gets diverted so because of this chances of the accidents increases

But at the time of designing this type of mobile phone holder there are certain limitations like steering wheel is the rotating part, and if we simply stick or join the mobile phone holder on the steering then along with steering wheel this phone holder also rotates and this may leads to drop out of the mobile which is inside the holder. Also charging of the mobile inside the mobile phone holder is also seems to be a challenging part of the design