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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Any kind of detection system finds its application everywhere. So, we thought of designing such a type of system for industries. We have designed and developed a system so called as YARN BREAKAGE DETECTOR SYSTEM which will be very useful in the industry like textile industry. This system will be very helpful for the textile industrialists.

The yarn breakage detector system consists of following components like IR transmitter, IR receiver, and amplifier, signal conditioning circuit, microcontroller, display, alarm driver circuit, and an alarm. The IR transmitter and IR receiver are placed in a U-slot chamber .An algorithm is already specified in the microcontroller.

The microcontroller sends the corresponding signal to the IR transmitter unit. The yarn is inserted into the U-slot. Each and every time, the yarn role is detected .If the role got cut, and then the signal is transmitted to the IR receiver unit. The received signal is then given to an amplifier circuit for further amplification. The amplified signal is given to signal conditioning unit.

This unit delivers a train of pulses to the microcontroller unit. There is a provision for display to indicate the value. If the role got cut, then the microcontroller will send the corresponding signal to an alarm driver circuit which in turn enables the alarm .The alarm sound indicates that, breakage of yarn gets detected.


Used to detect the breakage.

Used to indicate that the roll got over.

Used to indicate how many times the breakage occurred