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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Voice Operated Fuel Injector project aim is to inject fuel by voice signal through embedded system


In our project the main blocks are micro controller unit, LCD display unit, microphone, valve circuit and voice signal processing circuit. Our project works according to voice signal from the microphone.

Here we tell the required level of fuel (say 1 liter, 2 liter) to micro controller through a transducer called microphone.

We already know that microphone is one of the transducer device it convert the incoming sound energy in to electrical energy, which is fed to voice signal-processing circuit for analyzing the incoming frequency range. After that it is given to micro controller unit for controlling the output valve circuit.

The opening and closing time mechanism of output valve circuit is depending on the voice signal, which is detected from the voice signal processing circuit.

Here LCD display is interfaced with micro controller for display the required level of fuel that is same as what we told through the microphone. So from the LCD display we can find the fuel output, which is fed from output valve