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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Project aims to modify an existing safety model employed in automotive field. Designing a microcontroller based toxic gas detection system offers faster response time accurate detection


Gas sensor used to detect various combustible gases

There is a sensing element inside the stainless steel mesh.

resistance of the sensing element reduces rapidly

There is a heating element inside the sensor.

The heater terminals should be connected to 5 V DC.

Vehicle Gas Detection

The sensor can be wired using a general purpose op-amp such as 741 in comparator mode.

Also by using a variable resistor, the sensitivity can be adjusted very easily

The operators should be taken care of rear wheel steering and it is same like driving a car in reverse direction. The driver should know about the center of gravity of the operator and escape rapid turns or moving fast. Forklift should be used by licensed and expert people.

The operators possess revolutionized warehouse function which allow person to lift thousands of pounds at a time. The operator is manufactured with the help of remote technology to increase the technology for proper vision and the container is kept accurately and it would enhance safety of the operator.