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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to maintain the pressure on the yarn in order to maintain a constant pressure during the winding of the yarn on the cone.


When the Yarn is allowed to wind on the cone, an optimum pressure has to be maintained. If an optimum temperature is maintained during rolling then the yarn winds on the paper cone suitably. If the pressure exceeds the optimum pressure then the yarn gets tightened and this may lead to the breakage of the yarn. If the pressure is below the optimum pressure the winding of the yarn may be loose and may spoil the quality of the yarn.


The Project consists of the following blocks,

• Pressure sensor

• Amplifier

• Analog to Digital Converter

• Motor

• Control circuit

• Digital to Analog converter

• Compressor

• Microcontroller

• Keypad

• Display

The optimum pressure in which the Yarn is expected to wind on the Cone is entered into the microcontroller through the keypad. The keypad consists of several push buttons and they the number depends on our requirement. The data is passed to the microcontroller through the keypad. A microcontroller (or MCU ) is a computer -on-a- chip used to control any electronic device .

The microcontroller is programmed already according to our objective. The pressure sensor senses the pressure in which the yarn is winding. The sensed pressure is amplified and sent to analog to digital converter. Then the converted digital signal is given to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed such that if the pressure exceeds the microcontroller sends the corresponding signals to DAC.

DAC is nothing but digital to analog converter in which the digital signal from the microcontroller is converted into corresponding analog signal. This analog signal is used to reduce the motor speed in the compressor. Similarly if the pressure is low, compressor motor speed is increased. Through is way the pressure is optimized


Avoids Economical lose

Prevents the yarn from wastage

Maintains rolling of yarn correctly on the paper cone



Easy to use