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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Multi Channel Product Measurement and Rejection System aim is to measure the product and reject the faulty product automatically in industries using embedded system


The main concept of our project is to sense the product and find out the exact length of the product. In our project we use the IR sensor to sense the product measurement. The conveyor belt rotates between the IR sensors.

Whenever, the product flows through the conveyor, it cuts the sensor wave and at once the timer starts counting. If the product moves from the sensor wave completely, then the time should be stopped. According to this time duration we can determine the product length. The length of the product is displayed through LCD.

We already program the controller with the required product length through the keypad attachment. If the measurement of the product is less or more than this preset value, then the alarm indicates the faulty product and it is then rejected. So these main concepts are programmed in micro controller using embedded system