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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Storage of energy is dangerously affecting the economic growth of the developing countries. In this project, it is proposed that efficient use of solar energy and wind energy can solve the energy problem in our country.

Solar panel and wind mill coupled with Embedded controllers are used to store energy and use it for domestic applications.

Through solar panel, Light energy is converted into electric energy and stored in chargeable batteries. Through wind mill, wind energy is converted into electric energy and stored in Batteries.

Microcontrollers are used to control the solar panel and wind mill to get maximum output. Stored energy can be used for all domestic house hold applications.

Apart from that, four direction sensors sense the direction of air flow and sends to the input port of the microcontroller.

Also four light sensors are used to sense the direction of intense light. The microcontroller analyses the signals and accordingly it controls the stepper motors through driver section to rotate the solar panel and wind mill.

The microcontroller program is written in assembly language. The microcontroller used is PIC 16F73