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Published on Nov 30, 2023


To measure the length of the film roll in order to include certain specific length of film on the roll.


The Film roll cutter is very useful in the industry of Film roll manufacture. The industry would manufacture Film rolls of different length. Hence when a particular size of roll is being manufactured, the length of the roll is to be determined. This film roll cutter helps to manufacture a particular size to a large quantity according to our requirement.


The Film Roll Cutter Project is designed with the following blocks,

• Optical sensor

• Signal conditioning unit

• Microcontroller

• Display

• Keypad

• Driver circuit

• Relay

• Cutter

The film is allowed to roll on the film roller. The film roller is placed in between the IR Transmitter and the IR receiver of the Optical sensor. Infrared transmitter is one type of LED which emits infrared rays generally called as IR Transmitter. Similarly IR Receiver is used to receive the IR rays transmitted by the IR transmitter. One important point is both IR transmitter and receiver should be placed straight line to each other.

Initially the IR sensor will be in the high state, when the roller is rolling where the rays between the transmitter and the receiver is cut. The IR sensor will be in the low state, when the roller is rolling where the rays between the transmitter and the receiver passes through the hole of the roller. The output signal from the optical sensor is passed to the signal conditioning unit in which the pulse is converted into square pulse.

Then the converted square pulse is given to the microcontroller. A microcontroller is a computer -on-a- chip used to control any electronic device . The microcontroller is programmed already according to our objective. Using the keypad we can enter the value of the length of the roll to be fabricated. The same length can be displayed on the LCD Display.

The information from the microcontroller is passed through the driver circuit. The driver circuit drives the relay. The relay output is given to roller motor. Using a cutter the film of the roll can be cut after the roller has been rolled to the desired length