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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency project mainly implemented to avoid traffic and to minimize accidents. The ultimate aim of our proposed project is to provide the way for emergency vehicle like ambulance, fire engine etc


In Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency project we are using sensors to sense the signal there by providing the path for the emergency vehicle. The sensors are placed on 4 paths (i.e. on North, South, East, West side) direction and also on the vehicle.

When the emergency vehicle enters the corresponding side say for e.g. If the vehicle enters from North side then the transmitted signal from the vehicle is sensed by North side sensor alone, indicating to clear the way for vehicle and all other ways are blocked which meant that other sensors on south, east, west are inactive.

Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency

Similarly if the vehicle enters the south side that route is cleared. Also if the emergency vehicle crossed out of the signal then the system automatically resumes to old configuration