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Published on Nov 30, 2023


In current system, in order to find out the location of friends, user need to call and ask friend about his where abouts. The proposed system will help user to find out friends locations as well as the distance from user’s location. The proposed system will also allow user to see all friends on Google map as well.


The application “Friend Locator on Mobiles” solves all these problems. It offers below services

1. Allows user to select friend for his location updates.
2. Uploads user’s current location at specific frequency.
3. Get friends current location
4. Shows friends location on Google Map.
5. Shows distance in kilometers for friends away from user

Mobile Application:

Android Google API.
• GPS (for getting user’s current location)
• GPRS (for internet connectivity between mobile and server)

Server Application:

WCF: (Windows communication Foundation) REST service.
REST: (Representational State Transfer protocol)

Hardware Requirements

Mobile which has below features (The app can also run on emulator)

a. GPS
c. Android phone

Software Requirements

a. Android SDK 1.5 or above.
b. Eclipse IDE
c. VS 2008
d. SQL Server 2000 or above