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Published on Nov 30, 2023


" Ship Store System " provides catering , medicines and other items to the ship, from which every harbor they reach through the supplier.

The items that are necessary for a ship voyage are ordered by the ship store to the management . Then all the ordered items will be sent to the suppliers .The suppliers will view the orders and prepare a quotation form for the respective orders.

Suppliers will send the quotation forms to the ship store administrator . It is only the administrator , who views all the quotations and select the best supplier . Mail will be sent to the best supplier in order to notice them that their quotation is being selected and then to supply the ordered items to the corresponding ships.

The ship store can also update their order one day after they have ordered for the first time .They can also view their order either by selecting the location ,or shipname, or by entering the order date . Even the suppliers can also view their quotation form .

A new ship store or the supplier can also join this system. First they should register themselves, by giving all their details .They can also update their account details at any time.


There are three modules in this project.


2.Ship Stores


Software Required

O/S : Windows 2000 Server

Application Server: Weblogic 6.1

Language : Java, Java Midlet and J2EE

Security : Quasi groups Cryptographic Algorithm(QCA )

Data Base : Oracle-8