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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is developed for the users to conduct election in a easy manner. If the particular voter is not able to come to the voting place, the device can be taken to the particular place. The vote given by the voter will be registered in the voting place in a wireless manner.

The main part of this project is Microcontroller PIC16F73 and Multichannel RF Transmitter and Receiver.

A group of press to on switches(equal to the number of candidates) connected to the portable wireless electronic circuit. All the candidates names and symbols are displayed near the switches.

The voters can easily identify the switch corresponding to the particular candidate and press. When the particular switch is pressed, the corresponding signal is transmitted through RF wave.

The receiver is connected with the microcontroller unit which automatically puts a vote to the particular candidate and a beep sound is produced to confirm the vote.

This process can be continued throughout the election.

At the time of counting, when the switch for the particular candidate is pressed, the display displays the number of votes given to the particular candidate.

This is very accurate and can be implemented very easily