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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The aim of our project is to monitor the level of the fuel in the Petroleum tank and to automatically indicate the level information through LCD display with wireless communication methodology.

In our project the main blocks are micro controller unit, petroleum level sensor and LCD and wireless transmitter and receiver display unit. The petroleum level detection circuit is used to detect the level of the petroleum in the tank; here sensors are placed at certain places to find out the petroleum level and the signals are sent to the micro controller unit via wireless for further operations.

Here sensors are placed at various places to sense the fuel level and the signals from these sensors are sent to the micro controller unit to decide the exact level information. When the petroleum level reaches the top level sensor which means that the tank is full and this will be indicated to the user by means of beep noise and the level information is indicated through LCD.

Here the level information is displayed in terms of percentage and this information is preprogrammed according to the sensor position. The buzzer indication is set to execute once for medium level and for high level.