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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to control the traffic signal with help of solar energy. This project has been developed as a model of Traffic light controller. The signals can be controlled through software programs and can be varied depending upon the location. For example some places needs green signal to glow for long time. And some directions need red signals to glow for long time.

This can be achieved simply by varying the delay in the software. Solar power is used to provide the power to the solar lights. So this project is very useful to the government to save the power.

The solar panel is solar photovoltaic modules use solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricity. Now-a-days, instead of using the power from the supply line for various operations, most of them are going for solar energy source, as it is cheapest.

They trap the solar energy and they are using it for several applications. One such type of application is solar based light control system. This is the cheapest method and moreover we are attaining our desired target.

Solar panel consists of number of silicon cells, when sun light falls on this panel it generate the voltage signals then these voltage signals given to charging circuit. Depends on the panel board size the generated voltage amount is increased.

In charging circuit the voltage signal from the board is gathered together and stored in the battery. Then the battery voltage is given to microcontroller and traffic lights.

Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable microcontroller in which we have already programmed depends upon the density in the road. The microcontroller output is given to driver circuit. The driver circuit used to turn ON and turn OFF the traffic lights


• This project is very useful to the government in order to save the power. We apply this project to any road who need the traffic signals