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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main aim of this project is to develop a system, which uses Mobile technology that keeps control of the various equipments, and will control the operation of these equipments with respect to the signal sent by the mobile


The purpose of this project is to provide a measurement and control system to continuously monitor and control equipments for greenhouse automatically using the GSM technology .


The goal of the project is to develop a system, which uses Mobile technology that keeps control of the greenhouse effects by using CO 2, LDR, Humidity sensor. From the sensors quantities are measured and given to the controller (LPC 2148).

Input value will convert the analogical values into digital format and forwards to the controller. Microcontroller will process this information and it will compare with the predefined data.

If the sensors values exceeds from the predefined values then system will send message to authorized person using GSM modem. Then person will send the message to system, controller will receive message from GSM modem and make on and off the devices (DC motor, DC fan, Bulb). Even we can check the status of the devices

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the technology that underpins most of the world's mobile phone networks. The GSM platform is a hugely successful wireless technology and an unprecedented story of global achievement and cooperation. GSM has become the world's fastest growing communications technology of all time and the leading global mobile standard, spanning 218 countries.

GSM is an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services. GSM operates in the 900MHz and 1.8GHz bands GSM supports data transfer speeds of up to 9.6 kbps, allowing the transmission of basic data services such as SMS


By using this project we can implement remote measurement and control system for greenhouse based on GSM SMS by using GSM technology.