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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Our innovative project aim to drive a car without any human interference. In our project we make the use of IR rays for controlling and providing a path for car movement. Here IR emitter (transmitter) and IR detector (receiver) are used for providing control actions.

We know that IR emitter emits the IR rays and it is detected (received) by an IR detector. In our project both IR detector and an IR emitter is placed on the car. As we know that black colour absorbs all rays and does not reflect any colour. Our project works in this principle.

Here the IR emitter emits light on the white mark of the road it gets reflected back which was sensed through the IR detector and if it falls on the black surface then the detector cannot get the reflected signal.

Also IR detector always detects the IR rays, which comes from a source of IR emitter. If suppose IR emitter emits the rays in some degree deviations from past, the car (detector) gets alerted and it will turn and focused to the emitter's direction. So we can move a car by means of positioning the IR emitter without manual driving.


1.IR Emitter

2.IR Detector

3. Power supply

4. Micro controller