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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The paper proposed a novel system "RTCS (Real-Time Control System for road environment)" to prevent accidents of drivers. This paper deployed sensors on roads and used these sensors to collect information to coordinators. How to use sensors to prevent accidents in vehicular environment is an interesting issue.

Vehicles are equipped with OBU (On-Board Unit) and use the OBU to query information if the coordinator or RSU (Road-Side Unit) is located in its communication range. This system also distributed events into different priority due to the different damages.

For your example, RSU collects and analyzes the roadside information for the driver's safety and which provides to an OBU and a management system according to the service priority. In the higher rank terminal, the developed IP-based set-top box application provides information such as the traffic information, road environmental information, environmental sensor station error, and etc.

The system has a high potential to improve traffic in two ways.

First, it collects local environmental data and passes it to a central facility to further process it and pass it to vehicles. Second, it takes care that urgent local information is passed directly and thus quickly to local vehicles which increases traffic safety.

The paper presents architecture to connect a USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) with the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) consisting of connected OBU and RSU. The goal of the system is to provide the ITS with local environmental data gathered by the USN nodes