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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is developed for the users to construct an Inbuilt UPS for PC which can be useful in the time of power failures.

It consists of the following modules.

• Battery

• Inverting section

• Driver section

• Step up section

• CPU of PC

The battery is a source of 12V DC. The inverting section consists of an oscillator section. The frequency of oscillation is adjusted by a preset.

The output of the oscillator IC is given to driver ICs. It drives analogue negative voltage corresponding to the signal from the oscillator IC. This pulsated DC is given to the step up transformer. The step up transformer steps up 12 V pulsated DC to desired 230 V AC.

The output voltage of the UPS is derived through a DPDT relay which supplies the domestic supply(power) in the presence of electric power and supplies the UPS supply(power) in the absence of electric power. The output of the UPS is given to the SMPS of the PC. This project is cost effective and portable.