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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The basic idea behind this project is to provide first aid to the wounded soldiers in war field.


Whenever the person is getting injured it's very difficult to give first aid for the soldiers at the time of war. So to overcome, this project is helpful.


In the first section, the identification of the soldier is done by GPS (global positioning system is connected to the microcontroller and it is connected to the ZIGBEE Trans receiver. that data is displayed in the LCD.whenever switch is pressed that data tranmitted through zigbee tranceiver.

In the control room section, the signal is received by the ZIGBEE Trans receiver. So the information from the person is send to the control room then control checks and press the keys to display the information on the LCD and also information is sending to the ROBOT is through XBEE technology.

In the Robot section, the information is getting from the control room to the robot is through Zigbee technology. Zigbee is connected to the microcontroller and microcontroller is connected to the motor via motor drivers. By this robot is able to treat the soldier by using first aid kit provided to it


GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is used to find the location of any object or vehicle to monitor continuously using satellite signals. Three satellite signals are necessary to locate the receiver in 3D space and fourth satellite is used for time accuracy.GPS will give the information of parameters like longitude, latitude and attitude. With the help of these parameters one can easily locate the position of any object. In this GPS technology, the communication takes place between GPS transceiver and GPS satellite.

Zigbee is new wireless technology guided by IEEE 802.15.4 Personal Area Network standard. It is primarily designed for the wide ranging controlling applications and to replace the existing non-standard technologies. It currently operates in 868MHz band at a data rate of 20Kbps in Europe, 914MHz band at 40kbps in USA, and the 2.4GHz ISM bands Worldwide at a maximum data-rate of 250kbps

As a result robot is able to treat the soldier by using first aid kit provided to it. By this the exposure of medical personnel to the dangers encountered in war field can be avoided.