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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Electronic Code Lock project is developed for the users to switch on and switch off devices with high security using electronic digital code lock.

This project consists of a key pad, controlling unit and Device. There are 10 keys in the key pad. The user's security code is a ten bit number. The user can enter the security code using the key pad.

If only the password is correct, the load will be switched on. Otherwise the load will remain switched off and the same time the circuit will be reset.

The main module in this project is a counter IC CD4017. The output of the IC is true when the corresponding input is true. Otherwise the output will be false. Using this concept, the key pad is constructed.

The output of the IC is given to the relay section through driver section. The driver section drives the relay.

This project is very much used in industries and houses to switch on and switch off devices with very high security