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Published on Nov 30, 2023


EB Load Monitoring Through Telephone project is developed for the users to monitor a system load through Telephone.

There are two units. One in the office and the other in the user area. In the Office, a microcontroller kit is connected with a DTMF encoder. A LCD display is connected with the microcontroller kit.

In the user area, a microcontroller kit is connected with a telephone line. According to the usage of the electric power, the microcontroller sends signal to the driver section and thereby operates a telephone. Also the microcontroller operates corresponding relays to send the meter reading through the telephone line.

In the other side, the telephone line receives the signal through a DTMF encoder, the signal is converted to digital signal and given to the microcontroller. According to the signal, the microcontroller sends signal to a LCD display to display the meter reading in the user area.

Thus the individual consumer load is sensed and are currently monitored in the office.

It uses PIC16F73 (28 pin Micro controller). The micro controller program is written in assembly language