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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The object of this project is to drive the car with help of PC.


This project is very useful in the industrial companies to carry the materials from one place to other place. There is no need of driver to derive the car.

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with Micro Controller RF Transmitter and Receiver, Driver Circuits along with Motors, Camera, Tuner Card, Car Model, Modulator, Demodulator and PC. For demo we are using the small movable vehicle model.

In this project Camera is placed on the car to capture the way. The captured pictures modulated with carrier and Transmitted to PC. In PC side the demodulator is used to remove the carrier and then captured pictures are given to PC through tuner Card.

Microcontroller is used to drive the car. Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable micro controller in which we have already programmed. In this project RF section is used to transfer the data between microcontroller and PC. Re transmitter section is connected in the PC side and RF Receiver section is connected in the microcontroller side.

PC is used to drive the car. The captured picture is displayed in the PC. The corresponding information signal from the PC side is Modulated and Transmitted to Micro controller through RF Transmitter. The RF Receiver the Received that signal and given to demodulator in which carrier signals are removed and then fed to Micro controller.

Microcontroller received that signals and activates the Driver Circuit. Driver Circuit consists of Transistor which acts as switch to turn ON and turn OFF the relay. The relay output is given to motors which are attached in the vehicle. If you want to drive the car in the forward direction corresponding information is transmitted from PC side to Receiver section. In Receiver section the microcontroller drive the car in forward direction.


Vehicle is derived automatically through PC.

There is no need of deriver to derive the car so it reduce the man power.


This driver less car is mainly used to industrial purpose to carry the material from one place to other place