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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The aim of this project is to implement the development of anti rigging voting system using finger print The purpose of the project is to provide a secured and reliable environment to the customers is to electing the candidates by using the intelligent electronic voting machine by providing a unique identity to every user using the FINGER PRINT identification technology


Here in this project we are going provide the at most security since it is taking the FINGER PRINTS as the authentication for EVM. Intelligent EVM is an Embedded based project. It involves microcontroller and interfaces.

Intelligent EVM has been specially designed to collect, record, store, count and display cent percent accurately. It has got two units control unit and ballot unit. It has "DISPLAY" section that will display the number of votes to respective candidate at the end of the poll.

The ballet unit consists of keypad so that the user can elect any one of them. And at the next trail of same user is being avoided to restrict him from tampering. The control unit is completely designed by micro controller and it has got flexibility to increase the number of members for electing. So when ever we want to access the finger print scanner first we have to press the switch.

Scanner is interfaced to the micro controller with the serial interfacing. The micro controller reads the data from the scanner. The micro controller allows those users, who are authorized to vote. If any unauthorized user tries to operate the account the micro controller switches on the security alarm. Now the microcontroller gets the information and the result is indicated or displayed in the LCD.

The ballet unit is a simple keypad interfaced to control unit and has got labeling on it to identify the respective candidate. Micro controller designs the control unit. Since it has internal flash the data can be recorded internally and then processed further.


In present days, computer becomes a main part of human beings for storing information. This information is up to some extent is a secured one. For example the details of employees and students etc...

The authority person may only change the details. For this protection we are going to provide a PASSWORD for the PCs. This is secure up to some extent only because there may be a chance of revealing the password or some times the authorized person may forgot the password. So we have to provide security for PCs with a unique and simple to remember identification. One of such identification is the FINGER PRINT.

Fingerprint Scanner is a device for computer Security featuring superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique NITGEN Fingerprint Biometric Technology. Fingerprint Scanner can be plugged into a computer separately with your mouse.

Fingerprint Scanner is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.

Hence, by implementing the intelligent electronic voting machine we can provide secured and reliable environment to the customers for electing the candidates