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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of this project is to operate the robot for detecting the bombs. This project is very useful in military applications for detecting the bombs. This project also improves the security performance.

Brief Methodology:

This project is designed with micro controller, encoder, decoder, RF transmitter and receiver, bomb detector, deriver circuits, analog with motors and robot model.

Bomb detector is just act as metal detector which detected any metal in the required areas. Because the bombs made with metals. The bomb detector is attached in the topside of the robot with an antenna. Robot movements are controlled remotely.

Transmitting section consists of keyboard, encoder and RF transmitter. The keypad is the set of keys in which each one controls the robot in a directon such as forward, reverse, left and right. When any one key is pressed the corresponding signals are encoded in the encoder circuit and given to RF transmitter section in which encoded signals are modulated with carrier signal and transmitted through the RF transmitter.

Remote section that means receiver section consists of RE receiver, decoder, micro controller, robot with bomb detecting mechanism. RF receivers received the signal and remove the carrier signal and given to decoder circuit in which encoded signals are decoded into original signal then given to micro controller. Here the micro controller may be Atmel or PIC both are flash type reprogrammable micro controller.

In micro controller we have already programmed. So it received the signal from decoder and activates corresponding driver circuit. Driver circuit controls the motor, by which the robot movement is controlled. It any objectives related to metal is there, bomb detecting mechanism finds that one and gives the signal to micro controller. Now the micro controller activates the alarm driver circuits. So the alarm makes sound for indication.