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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is developed for rehabilitation patients who are taking Emergency treatment inside a rehabilitation center.

The main module in this project is an unconstrained monitoring system that can monitor patient's heart beat, temperature and trip continuously so that it can give early warning in real time.

The whole system consists of the Patient Side Device(PSD) and Central Monitoring System(CMS) and they are linked through Zigbee wireless network. The patient can wear the PSD so that each moment can be easily watched. PSD consumes very less power.

The zigbee receiver is connected with the PC module through serial port. The zigbee receiver receives the signal from the PSD module and sends corresponding data to the PC through serial port. The software in the PC is developed to display and store the patient status in every moment.

The microcontroller program is written in assembly language. The design and port programs are written in Visual Basic