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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Aim of our project is passenger's luggage vigilances for avoid mishandling and avoid forgetting luggage in traveling.

In our project RF ID MODEM is used for identify and verify the luggage. Each luggage bag having a one identifying RF ID TAG that tag produces one identification code for when rf id modem reading that tag.

This RF ID MODEM is placed in the entrance of the airport IN and OUT gates. Passenger will enter in the main gate with the help of pass port, that passport id number is stored in the micro controller and that passport id number's, luggage id number also stored in that passport id number one by one using RF ID TAG. This process is done in the traveling starting place.

When the passenger will arrival in the airport from the out gate initially passenger's passport will be identified now, LCD display should indicate the that passport numbers luggage id numbers and also verifying the bag one by one if all the bag is ok system will produce pass signal if any bag is mishandled system will produce alarm signal for passengers