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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This project is developed for the users to have accident alert in modern traffic system. This device can be used in highly accidental area to avoid accidents.

It consists of microcontroller unit, telephone circuit, LCD display, two transmitters and two receivers. One transmitter is connected first and a receiver is fixed just opposite to the transmitter. The other transmitter is connected at the same side but something away from the first transmitter. The second receiver is connected just opposite the second transmitter.

When the vehicle passes the first transmitting and receiving unit, it senses that one vehicle is crossing. When it crosses the second unit, it also senses. The microcontroller unit calculates the speed=displacement/time taken. If the speed exceeds the particular value, it sends signal to the other side vehicle to be alert.

Unfortunately if accident occurs, the sensor detects the occurrence of accident and operates a telephone circuit to make a call to the Emergency number. This project is very much used in traffic controller. It is very accurate and cost effective.