Weather Station


Weather station with pressure reading, relative humidity, indoor & remote outdoor temperature display.This project is intended to develop the capacity of the national meteorological services by improving the observing station networks and development of human resources. The specific project components include procurement andinstallation of meteorological instruments and the training of staff required for manning the stations where the equipment will be deployed. The equipment will be deployed at agro-meteorological, hydro-meteorological, and synoptic stations.


This projects is divided into 3 – modules,
1) Main unit
2) Mobile Unit
3) Sensors Unit

Both Celsius or Fahrenheit & mbar/hPa or mm Hg supported. With calendar & clock. To use 3-button user-menu. 42 hour-history display (curve). Auto-memory & display of all high and low-values.

1)Main unit:

  • This Unit contains LCD Display, Keypad, Alarm.
    It will Read and control the data and send the data through mobile.
    LCD Display : It will Display all Measurement of all data’s and key inputs
    Keypad: Used to get the input and control the output of this system.
    Serial Communication: Which is used to send the data through mobile wireless protocols

2)Mobile Unit:

Which is used to send all the data to PC using mobile communication. This unit having interface Hardware and wireless protocols.

3)Sensing Unit:

This unit having 3-different type of sensing Unit,

A) Water Level measurement Sensing Units
B) River Force measurement Sensing Units
C) Weather measurement Units

Over view of projects:

This was a wireless communication project. The circuit may be powered by a small 9V battery, Consumption for the base station is around 8 to 9 mA whilst active and only 2 to 3 mA in sleep mode The receiver (base station) is active during 5 seconds & then goes to sleep for 45 seconds. The transmitter takes a nap every 30 seconds or so. All data is stored in EEPROM and is loaded at power-up. In case of a power failure (or when changing batteries), there will be no data (nor history) lost.

Menu mode is entered when pushing the "menu" button for 1 second. Browsing & value changes are done with the "min" & "plus" keys. When in normal mode, the "min" and"plus" keys can browse through the different histories. All these controls will wake up the processor if it was in sleep mode. On the left-hand side of the LCD , from top to bottom, there are Outside temperature, Pressure, Inside Temperature, Relative Humidity, Calendar and Clock. On the PC: High value of the past 42-hours, Bar graph histogram (right is most recent value), Low value. Output of pressure sensor is an analogue voltage, which is temperature-compensated . This analogue voltage is given to the 8051 10-bit ADC.

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