Virtual Class Rooms

Exam management is a sophisticated tool used for conducting exams in the project VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM. So before giving a description about the Exam management software, it is necessary to have a detailed concept of the main project VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM.

VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM is a modern educational concept, which is purely virtual in nature.Virtual classroom makes uses of the JAVA Internet technologies such as serviettes, AFC and swim. JavaScript; socket programming, and JDBC with ORACLE as back end. The Virtual class room concept binds together the Educational experts and the Students all over the world, who are online, into a classroom, which is purely virtual in nature.

The experts and the students who are learning from them may be living at different Geographical zones. But a feeling is sustained that everybody is together with in a hand reach. The figure given below illustrates this concept.

In the virtual classroom concept, students from all over the world can participate in the courses offered by registering themselves with the website. Anybody who satisfies [he prerequisites can join the courses offered, irrespective of the caste, creed. religion, age or skin colour. Everybody is at par in the virtual classroom.
All these .functionalities are made possible with the JAVA technologies.

A student can logic by providing ids and password. After the successful logic, he/she can watch the lessons that are taken by the experts online, can ask questions, or doubts online by using the multiclient chat provided. Students can chat with each other using the chat application. White board technology is used in tile virtual classroom, so e\ cry user, who is online, will get a similar whiteboard on their computer screens. So the expert on makes whatever changes his whiteboard will reflect on the screens of tile students who are online, so the student-teacher interaction retains the same feeling oh a real world-class room..

The experts from all over the world design. Coerces. Coerce contents earl be modified or new cources can be designed by the experts easily at his by using the sophisticated coerce management, module- management, topic management interfaces. Virtual classroom retains all the characteristics of a real world classroom such as various types of examinations, assignments, grading etc..

A student must quality all file examinations lie appears. The teaching faculty regularly evaluates student performance. A student will receive his report cards through bulletins,e-mails,reporting systems etc.. Messaging systems such as email,bulletins,notice boards,reporting,chatroom etc. are available. Virtual Classroom project comprises of nineteen modules. All these modules, with their corresponding screen shots, are briefly introduced below.

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