Towers of Hanoi


The project "Towers of Hanoi" aimed at exploring the graphical processing capabilities of Java and has succeeded to a fairly good extent. It is an amazing mixture of Java and mathematical concepts. It shows how Java can be a powerful language for applications that need graphical functionalities.

The project is also a very good tool for entertainment. It gives various options to play with and makes thinking more enjoyable. The application can also be used as teaching aid for learners of Towers of Hanoi.Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that plays to the strengths of the Internet. JavaSoft, an operating company of Sun Microsystems, spent years developing a high-powered programming language for the '90s and beyond.

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is an unusual but powerful way to develop software. In OOP, a computer program is considered to be a group of objects that interact with each other The feature that is best known about Java is that it can be used to create programs that execute from World Wide Web pages. These programs are called applets. Java programs made such a big splash on the Web because they offered interactivity in a medium that was largely one way.

Probably the most well-known Java programs are Java applets. An applet is a Java program that adheres to certain conventions that allow it to run within a Java-enabled browser. However, Java is not just for writing cute, entertaining applets for the World Wide Web ("Web"). Java is a general-purpose, high-level programming language and a powerful software platform. Using the generous Java API, you can write many types of programs.

The most common types of programs are probably applets and applications, where a Java application is a standalone program that runs directly on the Java platform. A special kind of application known as a server serves and supports clients on a network. Examples of servers include Web servers, proxy servers, mail servers, print servers, and boot servers. Another specialized program is a servlet. Servlets are similar to applets in that they are runtime extensions of applications. Instead of working in browsers, though, servlets run within Java servers, configuring or tailoring the server.




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