Remote Airfield Lighting System


The core this project is to automate the airfield by providing adequate visualization of the lights in the landing runways. In current system there is no power management in lightning in runways, so that the power loss is going occurred as well as in poor weather conditions the vision of the runway will become poor that will occur problems in landing of flights. So that providing adequate lighting to these airfields is necessary and challenging. The findings from the RALS research specified a light that had low power needs and a color/intensity to meet the requirements for airfield identification and landing.

To make these lights more appropriate to wide spread applications, including both automatically/remotely switching on/off the lights under the control of a microcontroller. For sensing the visualization here we are utilizing humidity sensor, temperature sensor and light density sensor are used according to the data from sensors the microcontroller, will manipulate how much density of light should be provide to the airfield.



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