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Telephone Answering Machiner

Published on Nov 30, 2023


1. Caller ID information

2. Real time recording of all incoming calls with voicemail storage.

3. Time & Date stamped messages for easy Playback Or Deletion.

4. Answers Telephone Line Automatically.

5. Play all recorded messages with a click of a button from your multimedia speaker.

6. Automatic detection of voice modem/telephony device during first install.

7. All incoming messages are stored as wave files in a separate MESSAGES Folder.

8. Power on/off Button to stop Answer My Phone software. And anytime later press the same Power on/off button to enable Answer My Phone software.

9. Replace greeting with your own custom greeting.

10. Set the number of rings before answering.

11. Interactive voice response (IVR) - Multiple voice mailbox can be created for several users with customized greeting for each user.

12. Set incoming message recording time in seconds.