Speed Sensor


The automobile's engine contains a speed sensor. This speed sensor automatically sends the information to the computer as to how fast the car is traveling at the moment of driving. The engine's speed sensor is craftily designed to be able to record the rate at which the vehicle's crankshaft is spinning. Ever wondered what comprises the speed sensor? The speed sensor is made up of a toothed metal disk that is basically mounted onto the crankshaft and a stationary detector that functions to cover a magnetic coil through which the current passes through. Now as these metal teeth begins moving past the coil, the magnetic field is likewise distracted. Hence, a wave of pulses in the current is created. The computer readily calculates the speed at which the engine is traveling through by means of the numbers of the crankshaft's rotation. These rotations determine the frequency of the pulses as created from the engine speed sensor.

The truck, bus, and car markets have vehemently welcomed into their niches the automatic and manual transmissions. In most cases, the manual transmission is still advantageous over the automatic one. The manual transmission caters to a lower weight, greater forward speeds, higher fuel economy, and much more keeps the driver more skilled. On the other hand, the automatic transmission fulfills its role as the assistant to the less-skilled drivers. It provides an easy scheme, thus, a simple training on the driver's part. It is likely to be noted in here that the speed sensor works hand in hand with the rest of the auto parts integrated into the vehicle.



















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