Nav Multi Processor System


This system is used to control and monitoring the communication transceiver/navigation receiver with optional glide slope receiver and optional audio amplifier in the Aircraft.


This system consists of 4-modules,
1. Frequency monitoring and Control modules.
2. LCD Display of each Comm., NAV.and radial information, use and Standby frequency.Digital keypad for auto tuning and audio control Section.

3. DME Monitoring and control module
4. VOR/LOC radial monitoring module

Overview of projects:

The AUX is connected to Decoder, Latches, LCD, LED Display Unit, and Keypad. This system contains five different units, like DME, COMM, NAV, VOR/LOC, and Glide Slope Units. Auxiliary is Communicate to all these units by address and data bus. First address will select for the I/O units, ie) to enable the address of latch then send or receive the data’s. All the I/O data to display on the LCD display. We will receive all frequency from all units and compare the frequency to then auto tune and display the USE and Standby frequencies. Each data communication is based on 8-bit commnication. The address is in 3-bit communication. The control and communication is designed by scheduling concepts. This system will maintain the different frequencies in different unit data communication. Each unit is monitoring by the main control unit then it will display on the LCD. The keypad is used to read the input data and set/control the frequencies level.

1. Frequency monitoring and Control modules.

1. Communication transceiver which operates 118.00MHZ to 135.975MHZ

  • Frequency sensing Section
    Control and Monitoring Section
    Auto tuning of 25KHZ of frequency and total tuning of 720 Channels.

2. Navigation receiver for VOR/LOC Signals from 108.00MHZ to 117.95MHZ

  • Frequency sensing Section
     Control and Monitoring Section
     Auto tuning of 50KHZ of frequency and total tuning of 200 Channel.

3. Glide slope receiver operating from 329.15MHZ to 335.00MHZ

  •  Frequency sensing Section
     Control and Monitoring Section
     Auto tuning of 150KHZ of frequency and total tuning of 40 Channel.

This section will sense/receive the frequency level from the aircraft and auto tune this frequency to a given sector levels (25KHZ). Then auto set the frequency and communicate to the particular aircraft. USE and STANDBY freq. Is to auto tuning and stored it in internal memory.

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