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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The CCU SIMULATOR combines all the important innovations for the future space expeditions. Stepping stone to a far more ambitious space projects in year to come includes the landing of motorized rover on the moon, as a part of its Chandrayaan-II mission by ISRO. The technological forerunner to the rover will be the moon impact probe of Chandrayaan-I. ISRO is serious about the potential availability of water on the moon.

It could fuel an international race to reinvestigate the moon from fresh perspective. Similarly, the abundant availability of helium, a clean source of energy, is to be probed and bring it back to the earth for power generations.


The CCU simulator is a system which simulates the functions of Command Control Unit (CCU) of a mass spectrometer used for scientific experiments. CCU controls the functions of the mass spectrometer and then acquires the data of a mass scan and transmits them through the serial port.

The CCU simulator is used to simulate three major functions of the CCU. This is required to test a Stand alone controller (SAC) which is a self programmed device sent to space. A Personal Computer used here is actually replaced by this SAC Unit. So CCU simulator is used in place of CCU to connect with SAC to test it.

The commands which we execute through this project work are

RESET followed by a booting process starting with E4



If an error in the command input is detected using the checksum then a negative acknowledgement is sent accordingly. The command will be identified and executed only if an error free command is sent.